problems uploading. Getting Cannot STOR. No permissions

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problems uploading. Getting Cannot STOR. No permissions

Postby vinobuono69 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:56 pm

Hi, I am experiencing problems synchronising and uploading files. Sometimes it works but most times it tells me "CWD failed. No permission" and "So-and-so": Can't create directory. No Permission" and "Cannot STOR. No permission". Does it depends on the host (Aruba) or on Cyberduck?
I get the same error using Vicomsoft FTP Client. Problems started after Cyberduck failed to update itself to a newer version. Error message in this case says Cyberduck does not have permission to install update and to ask the admin for help. I am the admin by I have no clue! I checked all permissions in Cyberduck prefs and they are OK. Same for Application prefs.
Any idea? Tks a lot

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