Hardware Growler and remote Time-Machine

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Hardware Growler and remote Time-Machine

Postby maderlock » Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:58 pm

This is an indirect request for a feature as I don't think you can currently do what I'd like.

The issue is that with a remote drive for Time-Machine backups every hour I get several messages as first the drive and then the backup image are mounted and then unmounted. If I leave my computer for a few hours (for instance while I run long experiments), I end up with a screen full of these notifications. For now I have turned off growl's feature that keeps notifications on screen when idle, but this way I miss out on some growls I would like to be kept.

Is there some way to specify certain hardware events that are ignored? I could turn off all mounting/un-mounting, but it's one of the most useful features when you use usb-sticks and camera card readers. I'd like to be able to just specify that *this* drive or *this* image be ignored.

I see that the source is available so when I have some time in November I might do a little hack. It wouldn't take a huge amount of work to generalise to a GUI option, though I'm not sure how widely used it would be used other than by me :) How open are the developers to user-submitted modifications?

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