growlnotify: dismiss vs click back

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growlnotify: dismiss vs click back

Postby liz4cps » Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:51 pm

I suggest that growlnotify do an exit 0 if the notice was dismissed and exit 1 if the user clicked back. This would allow the status to be checked in a shell script and and action performed. This wouldn't work unless the "-w" option was used, but it would be very useful. I want the ability to open a particular webpage if the growl is clicked, but I don't want to be forced to open the page. I have a sticky growl and a shell script that checks for something and then displays the growl (with a -w) to signal that the something has happened. At that point, I usually want to go to a webpage, but not always. It would be nice if I could control whether or not to go to the webpage by whether the growl was notified or dismissed.

I thought of the exit status since that's normally what happens in Unix shell scripts, but an option to, like "-c" or "--clickback" could be used to say what to do if the growl is clicked.

I realize that not all notifications are dismissed or clicked back; I just want to know when it's clicked.

Maybe if I get a chance, I'll add it myself...

- Liz

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