Audio Cuts Out in OSX Lion

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Audio Cuts Out in OSX Lion

Postby coolmacdude » Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:21 pm

I Seem to have the same problem with the audio cutting out after a few seconds,

This only happens in QUICTIME and not when using VLC

perian appears to work fine with all the avi files that have mp3 audio but when the audio has ac3 it cuts out.

I have tested this with

10 + avi files with mp3 audio - all files played fine
10 + avi files with AC-3 (5 channel audio) - 6 files the audio cuts out after a few seconds.

- all files tested played perfectly fine with snow leopard and only started when updated to lion
- i'm sure must be something to do with perian and the ac3 codec?

after reading several forums it seems many people have the same problem but I can not see any solution to this problem.

PS. sorry in advance if this post has been repeated or answered elsewhere

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Re: Audio Cuts Out in OSX Lion

Postby aaronvegh » Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:54 am

Hi there,
I've seen the same issue. Yes, this has been complained about in other threads, and The_Tick has been asking for samples in order to track it down. I have a variety of AVI-formatted video files, but it appears to be my collection of Star Trek Voyager episodes that are consistently unplayable. I've placed one such file in my Dropbox; here's hoping The_Tick can take a look at this and glean any useful information? ...


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