couple of wishes and a problem

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couple of wishes and a problem

Postby iceygaze » Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:09 pm

hi there,
first of all forgive me for my english, i'm not mother tongue and i don't have many occasion to use english anymore since i left school.

i've discovered, downloaded and started Vienna (as so i have the 3.0.0 beta 8 version) just a week ago when, after having updated from lion to mountain lion, mail and safari stopped been a feed reader.
i searched a lot for something to use that reminds me of mail and in my opinion Vienna is by far the best RSS-client.
i'd like to ask a couple of wishes i have:
1) I think it would be useful to have a "Delete Button" in the Toolbar to delete articles (in this way i don't have to use the keyboard and my back space key will live a longere life)
2) for the same reason (and also cos the shortcut shift+cmd+u is too long) i think it would be useful to have a "Mark an Unread Button"

my problem instead is the following:
a) i start by saying that i use vienna and feed just with to control my favorite fandom
b) a rss client as vienna (and as was mail) it's useful as sometimes there are over 100 new article a day (being both new fiction or update of new fiction)
c) i usually don't delete an article that i have read but i simple keep it as read
d) very often a fanfiction in made of a lot of chapter and these chapter are usually updated regularly
e) i noticed that once vienna download an article for the first time, it don't update the article if and when there are new updates for it. let me explain: yesterday a new story (chapter 1) was updated on the site and vienna downloaded the article, i read the article (and the fic) and leave it on the feed as read. then today the second chapter was update. With mail the article was updated and it would show the second chapter. with vienna the article stay on chapter one and in this way i don't know when something is updated-

can you help me please?

thanks a lot


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