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Feature request

Postby bpmildh » Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:59 pm

Now that Google sync seems to work farily well I'd like to make a few feature requests:
- A general setting for "Use Web Page for Articles" affecting all feed, preferrably with a posibilty to turn it off for singular feeds.

- Negative filtering. I don't know exactly how but this is an example case: You follow a lot of mac feeds but are not interested in some common subjects (like Apple lawsuits or Steve Jobs biografies). As a workaround you can make one or more smart folders filtering out unwanted content and then bulk mark them as read. However, this is not very effective and it is hard to maintain and calibrate. The best thing would be to have this on a folder or feed level, or maybe a posabilty to create smart folders with a more complex level of content (filters in filters) and connected actions (eg mark as read).

- Syncing with other services than Google reader, like Tiny Tiny RSS or a more general protocol that you can host yourself.

/Björn M

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