BUG: Article count once all have been deleted

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BUG: Article count once all have been deleted

Postby simplacode » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:15 am

Hi there,

Using Vienna Version:
MacOSX Version: 10.6.4 (MacBook Pro)
Priority: Low

I guess this may not quite be a bug but..

When I receive new articles, it displays the count for each feed in the left hand column beside the feed name. Once I have read all I need/want to, I usually mark the ones I want to keep. I have a smart folder of all umarked articles, of which I click into, CMD-A to highlight all of them and then hit delete to remove them all. Problem then is that the GUI doesn't update the article counts beside each feed and remove them as there is no articles left. When I refresh the feeds, it does update and if no new articles it takes the number away.

When I delete articles individually, it updates the count, both from the feed list, and also my smart folder 'Not Marked Articles'. Only when deleting all articles in the smart folder it doesn't update the count.


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