Possible application Hiding bug in

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Possible application Hiding bug in

Postby jonesey95 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:15 am

Mac OS 10.5.8

How to reproduce:
1. Open 4 or 5 apps
2. In Vienna, go to Vienna menu and choose Hide Others (Cmd-Option-h)
3. Still in Vienna, press the shortcut key for Hide (Cmd-h).

Expected behavior: Nothing happens (Note that Cmd-h is grayed out in the menu because you can't Hide an app when the foreground app is the only one visible, so pressing Cmd-h should result in a no-op).

Actual behavior: Vienna's Find dialog pops up, as if I had pressed Cmd-f. This is not right; Vienna is explicitly doing something I did not ask it to do. It is also a real pain, because Esc doesn't make it go away, and there's no Cancel button, and clicking outside the Find dialog doesn't make it go away. Somehow you have to know to hit Return.

I don't think this happened in previous versions. I have been using Vienna daily, for a few hours per day, for about four years. I'm sure that I have tried this sequence of commands before, with the expected result.

I know that you're not supposed to try to hide the foreground app when it's the only visible app, but it happens, and trying to do something that should fail should result in an appropriate failure mode.

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