Feature Request: block image loading in articles

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Feature Request: block image loading in articles

Postby fidelski » Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:26 pm


I hope this hasn't been covered before. I didn't find anything...

I would like to see a feature where I could toggle whether Vienna loads images in articles or not. Currently, I modify the stylesheet to block all images which is reset with every new update.

The reason is improved privacy. If I get several feeds from feedburner, they know exactly which subscriptions I have. The links in articles from feedburner point first to feedburner itself where I am then redirected to the actual website. So feedburner also knows which articles I am interested in. When I read an article in Vienna itself with pictures which are loaded from a site, they also know which headers I am clicking on. Enough is enough :smile:

Thanks for your consideration!



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