Windows Phone Notifications with MSN Messenger

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Windows Phone Notifications with MSN Messenger

Postby johnnyc » Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:10 pm

When I am signed in with Live messenger on Adium for OSX and also on my Windows phone I have a weird issue. When I am chatting using Adium, every time i receive a message/reply I get also notification on my phone. I *should* only get notifications on my phone when I am away from my computer or not signed in to Adium at all. If i use another client besides Adium (ie: Trillian / Live Messenger) this is how it works. The Live Messenger service seems to know when I am "active" with the client. It is annoying to be chatting on the computer and have my phone keep making noises. Is there a setting in Adium I need to set so the MSN service knows im "active"? The other clients seem to do this by default. I appreciate any help!


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