Disconnect and reconnect cycle for Google's Jabber server

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Disconnect and reconnect cycle for Google's Jabber server

Postby ayaz » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:13 pm

I am using Adium 1.3.6

I have noticed that connection to talk.google.com Jabber server keeps disconnecting and reconnecting a number of times quite often. Usually, when I log in, it would connect, disconnect after a minute, reconnect, disconnect again after few minutes, and so on and so forth for a dozen or so times before finally stabilising. This only happens with Google jabber server. Even after following the settings for Adium given on the Google talk website, I find that there is no let up in the disconnect-reconnect cycle.

Is this is a bug? Google talk account connections from previous version of Adium used to be somewhat stable.


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